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Dalecarlian Horse Swedish Heritage

A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in Swedish province Dalarna. In the old days the Dala horse was mostly used as a toy for children; in modern times it has become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden in general. Several different types of Dala horses are made, with distinguishing features common to the locality of the site where they are produced. One particular style has, however, become much more common and widespread than others. It is stoutly carved and painted bright red with details and a harness in white, green, yellow and blue.

The Dala Horse has been adopted by the City of Lindsborg as part of the official city seal. Dala Horse plaques can be found affixed to the front porch or on a free-standing pole at many residences in Lindsborg and surrounding communities. Local artisans started painting the horses complete with the resident's surname, street address, or appropriate Swedish word or expression in the 1960's.

Mrs. Doris Abercrombie has herself and her two young sons all decked out and ready to attend the 1952 Svensk Hyllningsfest. The "Swedish Honoring Festival" is a celebration honoring the early pioneers who settled in the Smoky Valley after the Civil War. It is now a bi-ennial event held in October of every odd-numbered year.

Here are the Lindsborg Swedish Dancers on their first international trip to Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada, in June of 1967. Some of these dancers were original members of the group, which was officially established in 1964. Mrs. J (Elizabeth Jaderborg), the founding director of the LSFD, is seen standing in the center front of this photo. Watch the video link on this page to hear Mrs. J talk about the beginning of the high school dance group.