Smoky Valley Historical Association Lindsborg, KS 67456


The present Bethany Lutheran Church building was constructed on Main Street in 1874. Shown here are some of the churchmen who participated in the construction of the church.

Although Lindsborg is served by churches of many faiths, Bethany Lutheran Church, founded in 1869, is considered the mother church of the community. The Rev. Olof Olsson, who led a large group of immigrants from Sweden to the Smoky Hill River Valley, served as the first pastor.

A marker commemorating the location of Bethany Lutheran's first building can be seen in the middle of the section 1/2 mile northwest of Lindsborg between 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue (commonly called the Burma Road).

The present church, on North Main Street, was constructed in 1874. Many community celebrations are centered at Bethany Lutheran, including the annual crowning of St. Lucia during the Jultide season and the Union Church Service held to begin Lindsborg's biennial Svensk Hyllningsfest, a festival honoring the early Swedes who settled the Smoky Valley.

Two views of Bethany Lutheran Church, from the early 1900's with congregation members standing outside the building (above), to the church as it looks in the 2000's (right).